Mint a Bestie and help us raise
400 ETH (1.1 million US dollars) for Ukraine!

Besties is a pfp collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection launched on Sept 2021 and I've made many mistakes when the collection launched. This resulted in lower than expected excitment around the project and as a result the collection was never fully minted. A total of 649 Besties were minted and you can find them on your favourite NFT marketplaces. I hoped to find time in the future to devote more time to promote the project and to try to mint the entire collection.

Today as I sit in the comfort of my home, in disbalief I watch the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Most of us will never experience what it's like to pack a few belongings and rush our families to safety. Leave everything we've worked for, find shelter and move countries just to run away from the only place we have called our home.

The Ukrainian people have lived with democracy for only a few decades and look how hard they are fighting for it. Most of us take democracy for granted but it's hard work. It's being aware, it's being educated, it's vigelance, it's community, it's voting, it's paying attention.

Today I'm paying attention and I'd like to try to help. I'm re-opening the mint for the Besties collection and will be donating the majority of the funds collected to help the Ukranian people. If the collection mints in its entirety. I will be transfering 400 ETH (around 1.1 million US dollars) to two wallet addresses listed below. If only part of the collection mints, I will be transfering 90% of the funds collected from the mint. The rest will go to pay server costs and future projects.

If you've considered donating but haven't yet done so, I hope that getting a pfp in return may convince you to do so. Spread the word and let's together help the Ukrainian people fight for their democracy.

0.05 ETH
0 / 10000

Smart Contract

200 ETH will be transfered to the donation ETH address provided by the official @Ukraine twitter account.

200 ETH will be transfered to the Ukraine.dao ETH wallet address provided by their official twitter account.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is behind the collection?Art and code by 0xstarman.
How can I trust the funds will be donated?All transaction are public and visible on the blockchain. Additionally, all transactions around donations will be shared on Besties Twitter account @genbesties. If you don't want to participate in this donation, please find other ways to donate. Two tweets above provide direct wallet addresses for donations.
Why do this?People are suffering and I want to help. You might enjoy your Bestie and people in need will benefit from your joy.
Is there a roadmap?There is no roadmap although I'd like to continue to help others in need of support. I enjoy art and illustration and have ideas for future NFT collections. It would be great to have Besties stand for something.
Is there a community?We have a discord community.
How can I get in touch with you?Twitter might be the best option atm. 0xstarman