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Besties NFT DAO Community

What are Besties?

Besties is a collection of 10,000 programmatically generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT is randomly generated out of a possible 1M+ variations. Each Bestie NFT is an access card to the Besties DAO which has been formed to support NFT artists and creators.

What is the Besties DAO?

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and it is fully managed by the Besties Community. The DAO Treasury will receive 50% of collection sale profits. As a Bestie NFT owner you can create proposals, vote and participate in the DAO decision making process. All Besties in the DAO have a say in how the funds in the Besites DAO Treasury are distributed. To better understand what we're building read our DAO Launch Medium Article.

How do I join the Besties DAO?

Get a Besties NFT and join our Discord Besties Community. In the Besties Discord Community you will find DAO Member channels and additional information on the DAO outline and how to get involved.

Fun, Gifts and Value

Fresh 1of1 NFT derivative works of Besties will be commissioned and airdropping to random lucky Besties NFT holder. We'll hold competitions, scavenger hunts and play games together. We'll drop Besties merch and figure out together how to move forward to grow Besties space and increase the value of our community. Join us on Discord.


Each Bestie NFT is unique

...but some traits are more rare than others.

Here are just a few rare trait examples found in the collection.


How big is the Besties DAO Community?

The Besites NFT collection consists of 10,000 unique NFTs. Owners of the NFT collection will make up the size of the DAO.

How do I get a Besties NFT

You can mint a Besties NFT on this website while supplies last. Besties NFTs can also be resold, look for them on secondary markets.

Where can I read more about the Besties DAO?

Read our Medium Article and join our Discord Community for links to additional materials which can be found in the Besties DAO Workspace.

How do I get a Bestie now?

Join our discord, we reward active participants of the community. Some Besties have already been claimed by our community and are already available for purchase on secondary markets like Opensea.

What is an NFT and how do I mint a Bestie NFT?

There are great books, videos and websites that do an amazing job at introducing NFTs. To get a Bestie NFT get a crypto wallet like Metamask, get ETH and visit this website when the sale goes live. Need more help? Join our Discord Community.

Can I resell by Besties?

Yes. Besties NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain and can be resold on NFT marketplaces like Opensea or Rarible. If a Bestie NFT is resold, there will be a 3% royalty. 1.5% royalty for all future sales will go directly into the Bestis DAO Treasury Wallet.



[DONE] Early Adopters Rewards

Launch a pre-sale and reward discord early adopters with free Bestie NFTs


Fund Besites DAO Treasury Wallet

50% of profits will be transferred to the Besites DAO Treasury multi-sig wallet.


The Besites DAO

50% of profits will be transferred to the Besites DAO Treasury multi-sig wallet.
Besties DAO Treasury is now funded. The Besties DAO is born.

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